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March 15, 2012

get my slides from GDC2012.

As promised, they’re here! I’m afraid I had to delete all the videos, but apparently the recording of the full thing should be in the GDC Vault at some point.

[PDF here]


Yes I am aware that SlideShare managed to crop the bejesus out of my presentation

To everyone who showed up to my talk – thanks for coming! Here are the slides as a memento of the occasion!
To anyone who couldn’t make it and wants to read the slides, here they are! Good luck making sense of them!
To anyone who was at GDC but went to something else instead – here’s what you missed!

If you did see the presentation live, I was supposed to ask you to fill out the evaluation forms (only if you liked it, obviously – I don’t want to get 100 forms back saying “bat shit mental”). Oh, and I was also supposed to ask you to turn off your mobile phone, no flash photography, no video cameras, and that there are two exits at the back and to file out in row order in case of emergency, but I forgot. Apparently we all made it out alive.
Please do tell me what you thought on here too.

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