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August 10, 2010

agenda vs siggraph.

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Just wanted to mention – Agenda Circling Forth got shown in the Live Realtime Demos show at Siggraph 2010!

This show was strictly speaking for interactive pieces only, and ours was a realtime non-interactive demo. So I did some work to make it interactive via the use of a webcam – basically you can wave your hands around in front of the camera and it uses optical flow to calculate a motion buffer, which is used to manipulate the velocities of the particles, the fluid effects and the intensity of some of the post processing. It worked out quite nicely actually. I might have to make an exe available at some point..

I wasn’t able to attend in person so my friend Steve McAuley kindly presented it at the show. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties at the show and when they attached a webcam to the PC it made it really unstable, so they ended up showing the non-interactive version. Still, the work on interactivity isn’t wasted – I’m sure it’ll be useful for other projects in future.

Many thanks to the organisers and to Steve for doing the business over there. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again in future.

Next up: this..

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