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January 6, 2014

leaving sony.

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New year, new lifestyle. After nearly 9 years at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe across both R&D and World Wide Studios, I’m leaving for pastures new and exciting.

This marks major a shift in career for me. By leaving SCEE I’ll effectively be leaving the games industry that I’ve worked in since leaving university in 2001, and instead doing something that probably makes perfect sense for a demo coder by moving into visual arts / stage / events / entertainment: I’ll be working with United Visual Artists developing D3. A great bunch of people working at the very top of the business and I’m very excited to be joining them, but I’ll definitely try to stay connected with the games industry. Don’t forget about me! You just might more likely see me at Siggraph than GDC from now on.

The other part of this major career shift is that I’ll only be working at D3 part-time. The rest of my days I’ll have to myself. I’ll no longer be a 9-5 corporate wage slave, and I’ll be enjoying some freedom to do some projects I’ve wanted to do for a while and whatever else comes up along the way. (But still realtime graphics. I’m not planning to sideline in space rocket development anytime soon.)

Maybe I’ll even post here more frequently. Or less frequently. Or with about the same frequency. Who knows! Either way, watch this space.

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